OEM/ODM Jointed High And Low Track Bank Precision CNC Lathe


Jointed High And Low Track Bank Precision CNC Lathe

Technical Characteristics:
The CNC machine tool for inclined beds adopts the domestic or imported high rigid horizontal hydraulic servo turret, which has a high positioning accuracy, fast nearby tool change, and small cutting deformation.
The transmission adopts the linear rolling guideway imported from Taiwan to meet the requirements of high speed and high efficiency, reduce the friction resistance and temperature rise deformation, improve the machining accuracy, and ensure the long-term stability of the machining accuracy.
In the design of the CNC lathe, the bearing of the spindle box adopts double row cylindrical roller bearing with high rigidity, and the heat dissipation adopts measures to reduce the thermal deformation of the spindle so that the relative stability of the spindle axis can be maintained when the spindle works for a long time.
The X, Z-axis servo motor is directly connected with the precision ball screw through the elastic coupling, with high precision. The two ends of the screw are fixed, which improves the support rigidity of the support seat, makes frequent high-speed positioning, and reduces the screw distortion and deformation caused by heavy cutting to the degree. The bearing adopts the 60° angle contact pair precision bearing, especially for the high-quality screw, with fast speed and high precision.

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As a manufacturer in the field of CNC lathe, we are proud to introduce the GY-36T Jointed High And Low Track Bank Precision CNC Lathe, a solution designed to meet the evolving demands of precision machining.
The GY-36T CNC lathe is versatile and finds applications across various industries, thanks to its precision machining capabilities. Some notable applications include:
Automotive Manufacturing:
In the automotive industry, the GY-36T is employed for producing critical components with tight tolerances. Its rapid tool change capability and high precision contribute to the efficient production of automotive parts.
Medical Equipment Production:
Precision is paramount in the production of medical equipment. The CNC lathe excels in crafting intricate components required for medical devices, ensuring the standards of quality.
General Machinery Production:
Whether producing gears, shafts, or other essential components, the GY-36T proves its versatility in general machinery production.
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