OEM/ODM Economical Hard Rail Automatic Precision CNC Lathe


Economical Hard Rail Automatic Precision CNC Lathe

Technical Characteristics:
It can cut all kinds of turning surfaces by bicycle, such as conical surfaces, special surfaces, etc., and can cut grooves, turn threads, bore, and ream, with high efficiency and strong applicability.
After super audio frequency quenching, the guideway of the lathe bed is finely ground, with high hardness and good rigidity. The machine head, guideway, bed, and carriage are thickened in size and increased in strength, which is suitable for processing various surplus workpieces.
The bed is treated by sticking plastic technology, which can move easily, reduce the abrasion of the guide rail of the bed, avoid crawling, and have high precision and long service life.
High power strong cooling pump, greatly improved the cutting of parts, good cooling performance.

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We are pleased to present the CK-6140 Economical Hard Rail Automatic Precision CNC Lathe, a versatile machining solution designed to meet the diverse needs of modern manufacturing. This precision CNC lathe is equipped with a range of technical characteristics that make it an efficient and adaptable tool for various turning applications.
Versatile Turning Capabilities:
The CK-6140 CNC lathe is capable of cutting all kinds of turning surfaces with precision and ease. Whether it's conical surfaces or special profiles, this machine excels in delivering accurate results. It boasts the capability to cut grooves, turn threads, bore, and ream, providing a comprehensive solution for machining requirements.
Enhanced Rigidity and Durability:
The lathe bed of the CK-6140 is subject to super audio frequency quenching, resulting in a finely ground guideway with exceptional hardness and rigidity. The machine head, guideway, bed, and carriage have been strategically thickened and strengthened to accommodate various surplus workpieces. This robust construction ensures stability during machining processes, contributing to the overall precision and reliability of the CNC lathe.
Advanced Bed Treatment:
The bed of the CK-6140 undergoes a specialized sticking plastic technology treatment, enhancing its mobility and reducing abrasion on the guide rail. This innovative approach not only prevents crawling but also contributes to the longevity of the machine. The high precision achieved through this treatment is instrumental in delivering consistent and accurate machining results over an extended service life.
Efficient Cooling System:
Equipped with a high-power strong cooling pump, the CK-6140 CNC lathe improves the cutting performance of parts. This advanced cooling system ensures effective temperature control during machining operations, enhancing tool life and overall productivity. The lathe's ability to maintain well operating temperatures contributes to the high-quality output and reliability demanded in modern manufacturing processes.
Precision Components Manufacturing:
The CK-6140 is an ideal choice for manufacturing precision components, thanks to its ability to handle intricate turning surfaces and perform various machining operations with high accuracy.
Automotive Parts Production:
In the automotive industry, where precision is paramount, this CNC lathe finds its application in machining components such as shafts, gears, and other critical parts.
General Machinery Manufacturing:
It can efficiently handle different types of workpieces and contribute to overall production efficiency.
In conclusion, the CK-6140 Economical Hard Rail Automatic Precision CNC Lathe stands as a reliable and adaptable solution for machining needs. Its versatile turning capabilities, enhanced rigidity, advanced bed treatment, and efficient cooling system make it a valuable asset for manufacturers seeking precision and efficiency in their operations.
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